2019 Rules and Regulations:

  • (2) Mulligans can be taken during a round of 18 holes.  And you can “only” take either of these Mulligans off the Tee Box.
  • If you lose a ball of the tee box or at any other time on the course and you choose not take one of mulligans, you must announce to at least one other player in the BSD group that you lost your ball and that you are dropping a shot.
  • The Flamingo Head Cover must be displayed at all times on you clubs if you have the highest score from one of our previous rounds. (NO EXCEPTIONS!!) 
  • The Pink Visor must also be worn as a badge of “shame” for the player who scored the highest in the previous round. (ALSO NO EXCEPTIONS!) Note:  Vince, pants are optional…….as always!
  • When playing at Antler’s Creek, everyone must take a shot at the infamous hole 14 of whatever “FIRE” Vince is serving up that glorious day.